Within close vicinity of the Savanadurga trek is the Bidarakatte Trek which starts of from the Kempegowda tree park and following an incline reaches to the top of the hill at Doddarebylu.

All along the path one gets to enjoy the vegetation mainly in form of small trees to stunted growth mainly bushy interspersed with rocks. Among many myriad life forms keeping company to the trekker is the Rock Agama and its many hues depending on the season whether it is the breeding season or not. Breeding season indicates vivid colors.

The monsoon is an amazing time to do this trek with the greenery dominating the landscape and for a while the rocks take the backstage. Encountering butterflies and beetles is a way of life on the trek trail. What makes this trek more interesting is the presence of an historic old Fort and the reminisces of the a old walled city in its precints. The aura is heightened more with the presence of an old temple along the trail. Interesting birds like the Endangered Yellow Throated Bulbul along with the Sirkeer Malkoha and many more birds make it a interesting bird trail as well.

The waterpond with its lilies is an great point of attraction and a welcome break to the weary trekker. Bidarakatte offers immense surprises for a seasoned trekker also. Keeping one’s eye open for the encounters will make it a memorable one.

How to Reach:

From Bangalore: Head to Ramanagara from Bangalore (preferably through NICE Ring Road to avoid traffic). Take a right from Ramanagara bus station and head straight for around 40 minutes. Take a right under the arch saying - Kempegowda Vanadhama Savanadurga to reach the Ramanagar division forest department in about 5 minutes.

Note: If you are using Google Maps to navigate, then choose the destination as Savanadurga state forest (near Ramanagara). Please don't confuse it with Bidarakatte off Tumkur. 

Location: Ramanagara
Length: 2.50 KM
Duration: 1.75 Hour
Difficulty: moderate
Start: Kempegowda Tree park
Ends: Doddarebylu
Everyday 06:30 am
Not for children

250.00 Rs.

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