Minimise Waste
Reuse plastic bags or pack your own cloth or string bag to carry any purchases. Bring your own water bottle and some rechargeable batteries and a charger for your camera and other gadgets.

Reusable Bottles
A plastic bottle often travels thousands of miles before you buy it, so carry a reusable container or drink locally sourced water when you are on the go.

Non-Stop Flights
Book non-stop flights whenever possible. A significant percentage of the aircraft carbon emissions come from takeoff and landing.

Buy Local
When and wherever you travel, buy local products whenever possible instead of buying products that have been flown or shipped in from overseas. However, do not buy souvenirs or other products made from endangered animals or plants. In most cases, you can not get them through customs anyway.

Reduce Your Laundry
Laundry consumes almost 40 per cent of the average energy for hot water. Be willing to use your towels and sheets for more than one day and help hotels reduce their energy use by at least five per cent.

Use Your Own Toiletries
A lot of energy goes into the production of the miniature soaps and shampoos available in hotel bathrooms which then contribute to thousands of bags of waste each year. Bring your own favourite toiletries and encourage hotels to stock refillable dispensers.

Recycle Trash
Staying at a hotel? Make sure you ask about the recycling program, and sort your trash accordingly. If your hotel does not recycle deposit your trash in marked receptacles or take it with you when you leave.

Reduce Energy Use in Your Hotel Room
You can make a difference by turning down the heating or air-conditioning by just one degree. By switching the TV off stand-by you can reduce its energy consumption by 25 per cent. Always remember to switch off appliances whenever you leave the room.