Makalidurga is located about 60 km from Bangalore, and takes just short of two hours to reach the place. Makalidurga is situated at about 15 km from Doddaballapur.

As you reach Makalidurga, you are stunned by the stillness of the place. There are hardly any people around and a partly exciting experience to get away from the traffic and noise. It is best advised to carry your own food and water while coming for a day trek in Makalidurga.

The highlight of the destination is the Makalidurga fort which lies atop a granite hillock. While the trekking trail here may not be as popular as that of Savandurga, it is nevertheless worth the experience. And the best part is, you won’t find the trek to the top of the hillock too taxing.

It is a moderately difficult trek, and with some effort, you can easily climb the barren rocks and boulders. There are some directions on the boulders itself which you would do well to follow. The top of the hill gets you face to face with the ruins of a fort, which is spread across quite an area.

The view you get here of the lake which is located just a few km away from the destination is fascinating. And while at the top, don’t miss out on catching a sight of the train meandering through the hills at the bottom of the hill. The sight and sounds are definitely worthy of being caught in your camera.

Location: Bangalore
Length: 4.00 KM
Duration: 3.00 Hour
Difficulty: moderate
Start: Muthurayaswamy Temple
Ends: Makalidurga Hill Top
Everyday 06:30 am
Not for children

250.00 Rs.

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