Terms and Conditions


  1. I am participating in this Trekking at my own risk responsibility and at my own cost.
  2. I am not suffering from any medical problems or allergies or communicable diseases.
  3. I will not claim any sort of compensation for the injury, loss of my life and loss of my property during this period.
  4. I will abide to the instruction of Forest / Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board officials during the Trek.
  5. I will not use plastic, fire arms and any kind of electronic gadgets (including music players) during the trek.
  6. I will abide to the dress code during period of trek inside the forest areas .
  7. I will not use Video Camera/ Camera or any kind of recording device during trek. I will not carry and form of Photographic equipment during my entry in the Protected Areas / Forest during my period of stay / trek.
  8. I will abide to pay the compensation for the loss I make inside the Park / Forest during my period of stay/trek.
  9. I will not build fire, cook meal or carry inflammable material of any kind inside the park/forest area.
  10. I will not disturb nature and wild animal of any kind at any time and I will follow the Ethics of a Karnataka forest volunteer while dealing with forest and wildlife related issues.
  11. I will abide to all the rules and regulation under the Forest Act and Wildlife Protection Act during my period inside the forest / park and I will abide the condition prescribed by the Department officials.
  12. I know that the entry to the forest /park is controlled by Forest Department and their decision is final.
  13. I know that no refund will be provided in case one fails to show up and no rescheduling will be entertained.