If you want to take a break from the chaotic life of Bangalore city, and if you are craving some adventure, this is the spot! Situated about 80 km away from Bangalore, Anthargange is well known for its Natural Volcanic Rock Formation. 

Anthargange is about 4 km from Kolar, a small town once well known for its gold mines. It is equally a religious spot as well as a mesmerizing scenic area filled with adventurous caves. In two words – Caves & Temples. The hill range is about 4021 ft high. It’s one of the pilgrimage sites that will enlighten you with the vibes. The temple is sacred and has a water pool that origins in the spring. “Antharganga” means ‘innerspring’. It will take you almost one hour from the temple to reach the peak.  One needs to be very careful around the monkeys in this area and should avoid carrying any food packets. 

Sri Kashi Vishweshara Temple is one of the most important sites and got its sobriquet “Kashi of South”. It’s not just the caves that are capturing but also the dense forests and peaks that will surely get one’s adrenaline rushing making it a once in a lifetime experience! The temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Seven villages reside on this mountain range.  One of the most coveted views is the sunrise from the peak. You might want to experience this enigmatic sight. 

This Ganges from the Deep is a place for devotees and adventurists alike! One must seek the guidance of a certified nature guide here to navigate and explore better. These guides are locals who are trained to help tourists.  The best time to visit is from October to March. You don’t really have any lodging facilities nearby. It’s a one-day trip from Bangalore.  These volcanic boulders are going to leave you spellbound and satisfied.

The journey through this Shathashrunga range is pure bliss. Make sure you leave early from Bangalore to make the most of the journey. Awaken the caveman in you!

Location: Kolar
Length: 5.00 KM
Duration: 3.00 Hour
Difficulty: moderate-difficult
Start: Anthargange temple entrance
Ends: Anthargange temple entrance
Everyday 06:30 am
Not for children

250.00 Rs.

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