Tilari Back Water trekking path is in Belgaum district, this trek path starts at Dhamane anti poaching camp and ends at the same, such anti poaching camps are situated all across the forest to safeguard the jungle from the poachers.

This trial is a moderate one and is about 5kms in length and will take about 3 hours to cover the whole trail

This trek route is along the back waters of Tilari river, you'll encounter both riverine and evergreen bird species along the trail.

If you are lucky you will get to spot smooth coated otters in the backwaters, this trail is a peak into the evergreen ecosystem of Western ghats.

Location: Belagavi
Length: 5.00 KM
Duration: 3.00 Hour
Difficulty: moderate
Start: Anti poaching camp Dhamane
Ends: Anti poaching camp Dhamane
Everyday 09:00 am
Not for children

250.00 Rs.