Ramadevara betta is situated very close to Tumkur town and one of the major attraction for the nature lovers. This trail starts from Gokula Goshale and ends at kalyani.

This trek is about 7kms in length and will take about 3.5 hours to cover. Along the trail you'll be able to see signs of wild life such as sloth bears, leopard, Jungle fowl and Wild boars.

This hill has huge boulders and will make you feel tiny in front of nature's marvel, you'll also be able to get an excellent view of the entire hill during the walk and also this place has mythological importance as it is believed that Rama & Seetha resided here during their exile at the same hill.

Location: Tumkur
Length: 7.00 KM
Duration: 4.00 Hour
Difficulty: moderate
Start: Gokula Goshale
Ends: Kalyani
Everyday 09:00 am
Not for children

250.00 Rs.